So, I removed rvm and installed rbenv. All in all straight forward. Until I started it to use with an older project, that is requiring REE. Set a .ruby-version and checked the ruby. All good. Sweet. Bundle and off I should go. Nope… Besides some special dependencies (e.g. Nokogiri lately requiring ruby > 1.9.2), which I solved by installing it separately, bundle did keep complaining about not being able to install Nokogiri. Why trying to install again? It’s there, I installed it myself!

But no, a “gem list” just gave me a short list of gems, way shorter than what already had been installed by bundler. I kept checking for other Gem paths, other weird dependencies or rvm leftovers. Nothing. Until I did the following:

daniel@daniels-mac ~/w/s/platform> cat .bundle/config                                                                                                                                                                            1 dh-fixes!?
daniel@daniels-mac ~/w/s/platform> rm -rf .bundle

Bundle was configured not to share the gems and therefore never picked up the ones installed. Weird behavior, but deleting the .bundle in my project folder did the trick. See some infos on Stackoverflow

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